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Welcome to the International B-24 Crew Registry. The intent of this web site is to provide history researchers and B-24 crew members the ability to locate specific current information about crew members and their experiences. We are diligently trying to capture the histories of each B-24 crew member before this most precious treasure becomes unavailable. If you, someone related, or you know specifics about someone who was a B-24 crew member, we are asking for your help in collecting this information.

This web site is provided by the Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society (PHAS) and the International B-24 Museum (in association with Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum) located at 31001 Magnuson Ave., Pueblo, Colorado 81001, at the Pueblo Memorial Airport. The Pueblo Memorial Airport, known as Pueblo AAFB during the war, was the site of the training for many B-24 crew members during World War II. This web site is open to the public. Anyone can add new crew members or search for crew members already in the B-24 Crew Registry.

We dedicate both the International B-24 Museum and this Crew Registry to those heroes who flew the mighty four engine B-24 Heavy Bomber during World War II. The B-24 along with her crew could fly higher, faster and farther than any other Heavy Bomber available at the beginning of World War II. More B-24's were built during World War II than any other aircraft! While not collecting the glory afforded "the other" heavy bomber early in the war, the B-24 made major unique contributions to the ultimate victory during the war. The B-24 flew the most famous mission of the war, the low level bombing mission to the vital German/Romanian Oil Fields at Ploesti, Romania on August 1, 1943. Known as Tidal Wave, this mission illustrates the rugged determination of both the B-24 and her most important crew members.

The museum is also willing and most excited to accept for preservation personal artifacts or other articles and documents of B-24 crew members or possesions of Bombgroup Associations, including membership roles and digital media. Artifacts will be made available to the public at the museum if appropriate and the donator so wishes. To make arrangements for artifact preservation please contact
PRIVACY STATEMENT All information entered in the B-24 Crew Registry database is made available to the public. A means is provided to limit exposure of a crew members street address and phone number. When the address and phone number are entered, and it is requested to not display them, only museum personnel registered to access the B-24 Crew Registry will be able to see this information, and they will not be made available to the public. All information entered into the B-24 Crew Registry is voluntary.

Information is gathered and logged for review by museum personnel of those who add crew member entries to help ensure the integrity of the database.

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They saved ... the world! - Let's remember them.

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