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I am a NCSA Certified Web Master with professional experience writing software in everything from HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Ada, C++, and C to Fortran and assembly on computers ranging from the PC, Macintosh, VAX, SUN, HP to IBM, CDC and Cray mainframes. I created this site for my and my families entertainment. If others find the site interesting or useful that's all the better.
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Flashman is a fictional character in a series of books based on Flashman's long lost diaries found in the attic of the family home. He lived a long, prosperous, and dastardly life in the 19th Century..
While speaking of his lovely wife Elspeth,"She has the smile of the truly stupid" ... and while speaking of his mother-in-law, he say's "she has all the beauty of a dying vulture and best fake id state."

The books are written by George M Fraser and published by either SIGNET or PLUME Fiction which are both part of
New American Library,1633 Broadway, NY, NY 10019
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